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The Democracy Council website is being updated. Please check back for the relaunch in late April 2023.

About Us

Founded in 2000, the Democracy Council (DCC) is a non-partisan, nonprofit international development organization that promotes human and civil rights, equal opportunity, good governance, independent news and information, and the rule of law and counters disinformation and extremism across the globe.


DCC follows a distinct set of values based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, believing that a vibrant civil society, participatory government, and accountable public administration are fundamental tenets of democratic and peaceful societies. We operate with a collaborative, people-centered approach to the highest standards, ethics, and accountability. DCC has received over $140 million from grants and individual contributions, with over  90% supporting impact-driven programming where it counts the most, on the ground in developing, transitional, oppressive, and conflict-ridden countries.


For more information, call +1-310-841-0643 or email

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